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 Ballast weights
 Bogies for steam locos
 Bogies structure
 Bolts for connecting rods
 Caps boilers and platforms
 Casting for turnouts
 Connecting rods
 Contact devices
 Cover gears
 Decals water
 Electrical equipment
 Latex and plastic bellows
 Motor bogies and unpowered
 Motor spare parts
 Rings for drive wheels
 Screws and nuts
 Sprung bogies
 Sprung bumpers and fixed
 Supporting frames
 Transmission shaft
 Various hooks

born as a new reference in the field of spare-parts "Rivarossi" fifties and sixties. The purpose of this web space - dedicated exclusively to classic models in HO scale 1:78 (1:80) of the originary factory of Como - is to provide mechanical assistance for each particular made in zama alloy degraded or deformed over time, providing hight quality parts replicated always in respect of those who were the originating materials used in origin. About the parts originally die-cast in lead (axles carter or some type of cylinder block), now banned material in a high percentage, these spare-parts have been made with a similar alloy with mechanical characteristics significantly improved. Our spare-parts are not in any way compounds by poor metal alloys devoid of hardiness. Every item comes out of professional molds realized for have a high quality replica with faithful measures to the original article. The parts of large size and precision manufacturing, such as supporting frames of the tender and locomotive (model type LSP - 221 - Hiawatha), or most of the pieces that need a particular accuracy, they has been all performed strictly in zama with the system of casting as the original prototype. All spare-parts with mechanical function, such as cover-gears or motorized bogies, have tight dimensional tolerances in the locations of the axles and gears so as to allow precision and noiseless to all transmissions. Each piece comes with the original treatment of surface finishing by burnishing black on the zama, for all american models, or painted red tint as the original shade when it comes to spare-parts for italian locomotives. Regarding the items in rubber are available the rubber bellows for electric locomotives and passengers wagons, also these products are made using special moulds for have replicas with thicknesses and sizes comparable to the original model. The rubber used is a latex very soft with elastic properties with a good durability. Each spare-part has the original code so as not to create confusion and facilitate the immediate recognition of the piece chosen. Beside each item you will find a PDF sheet which describes the precision machining and finishing the piece performed. Unlike the original supply is delivered for now only the fusion part, but full of all machining and surface, every other element of completion will be recovered from your original piece. With the exceptions of the bogies mounted on spring that are delivered assembled and complete of little springs (axles available separately) and the articulated joints of drive shaft complete each item. This catalog will be updated over time with the addition of new articles, such as screws for securing the parts and accessories for the completion of supply, any notification or requests for new spare parts are always accepted and valued by us for a possible next project.

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