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 Ballast weights
 Bogies for steam locos
 Bogies structure
 Bolts for connecting rods
 Caps boilers and platforms
 Casting for turnouts
 Connecting rods
 Contact devices
 Cover gears
 Decals water
 Electrical equipment
 Latex and plastic bellows
 Motor bogies and unpowered
 Motor spare parts
 Rings for drive wheels
 Screws and nuts
 Sprung bogies
 Sprung bumpers and fixed
 Supporting frames
 Transmission shaft
 Various hooks

We make any kind of restoration aesthetic or mechanical of Rivarossi models: recovery of damaged shells or scratched, with precise colors to the original model to restore (including the application of new decals on the both front side if the originals are irreparably damaged). We also offers a complete restoration of brass parts about new burnished or nickel-plated finishing; like carters, ancient brass pantographs, metal axles, bumpers and other parts scratched and damaged in their original aesthetic. The new burnishing is usually of two types: brown or black, depending on the particular to be restored in its original hue. Each particular or model can be sent to our location properly packed, after the restoring each element will be returned to the owner with the utmost care. All the restoration are carried out with great experience and skill, all the damaged particulars will be replaced with quality replicas present on this store.

Is required a direct contact with our factory to request a quote or information on the restoration of individual metal parts, for aesthetic restorations will be necessary see detailed photographs of each side of the your model so we can plan each job with precision. For the mechanical parts will always be required gear and any original screws (with particular reference to that is not in our catalog) for complete assembly. A bogie is delivered complete, lubricated and tested, will have the original smooth and silent movement, even the screws and possibly the crankcase brass will be restored by grinding and burnishing new. Each preventive made by e-mail or by phone is only approximate, just to get a basic idea, because the model must be carefully viewed by us in all its parts in order to give the customer a more precise indication of the extent of the restoration and subsequent final price.

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